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Michael Bugrov


Today, many position themselves as wedding photographers and even more of those who condemn it. I do not agree with this opinion. A large number of masters and beginners in this area generates healthy competition, and the pace of development of wedding photography is increasing. The quality is getting better, the number of photos is more, the number of styles and trends is also increasing. Of course, all this makes the choice of a wedding photographer a little bit difficult, but at the same time it gives an excellent opportunity to select a master who would suit all your requirements in all respects. I shoot a wedding for a long time.
I love this business, because I am pleased to see both the result of my work and the process itself, which gives me pleasure. It's nice to see how those tips and the information that you share with the guys helps them, saving a large number of nerve cells on this both joyful and difficult, in terms of organizing the day. But this is understandable, because these are photographers, videographers and presenters at the wedding 50 times a year, and for many this day happens once in a lifetime. I am always happy to suggest what and how it will be better to do, and of course I understand that everyone’s wishes are different, so I’m always ready to show flexibility and go to a meeting in choosing a location, attributes, and timing of the day.

I will be glad to work on your wedding.