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Michael again, thank you so much for your high-quality work !!!))) The photos were edited on time and we received them beautifully packaged. During the whole shooting a pleasant feeling of comfort was preserved))) Now, looking through wedding photos every time, a sincere desire arises to return to this unforgettable day)))

Anastasia      24 y.o.   interpreter

Michael, thank you! The photos are simply gorgeous, only emotions))) the wedding itself is such a bright, unforgettable event, but Misha made it more memorable. Every moment is captured ... it was still yesterday. When we are going to take photos there, they turn out))) My couple is caught that I want to see the photos from the wedding faster ... And we got Michael. We received beautiful and processed photos! Thank you so much, Misha, for your work !!))

Jane        25 y.o.        manager


In August, the son had a wedding. We were celebrating it at Baikal. Our photographer was Michael Bugrov. I think we are very lucky! Photos turned out bright, saturated. Misha knows how to catch extraordinary moments, because he loves to experiment. Always finds interesting places for taking pictures! I looked through the work of other photographers. Michael's work is the best! Every photo you want to consider! And a few years ago, Misha did a love store photoset with our couple. It's just something extraordinary! In the forest, pure snow, blue sky and such beauty!

Irina      groom's mother

Professional reviews


Michael Bugrov, an excellent photographer, for me as an organizer, it is important first of all to find a common language and work on the same wavelength, it is very easy to work with Michael, starting from the first meeting and ending with the impact of the material. He always helps the newlyweds and guests in posing, how to get up, where to look. The site is not noticeable, but does not miss a single important point. It works perfectly with videographers and works in pairs, without forcing newlyweds to do the same thing three hundred times. Material gives on time, without delay. I can say about the work of Michael easily, efficiently, quickly, and at an adequate price. Recommend.

Elena        Wedding organizer

I really enjoyed working with Michael. As it is known to the photographer and the videographer, it is not always easy to divide the working space between us, but from the very first time Michael and I found a common language and worked harmoniously on more than one wedding. I can say with confidence that he is a professional in his field, and work with him is fun and easy.

Vadim           Videographer